DominantTrek's mission is to cover not only games and film from a personal perspective but to inform fans and influence the culture that these games, films and fans are a part of.

DominantTrek Scoring System

Dominant Trek uses a 20-point scale, from 1-10 with .5 intervals. Unlike many review scores, 5 is not an average score. Our scoring system is similar to a percentage score in school, with a 10 as an A+ and a 70 as a C- or slightly above average.

If a game or film receives a 10 it means it was one of the best experiences that we've had. It's not flawless, but any flaws that it may have are minimal and can be easily overlooked when compared to all the positives the experience contained. Ten's are rarely given and are a must experience score.

Nines are fantastic games or films that have a big enough flaw that prevents it from scoring a ten, but does several things extremely well and should be experienced.

Eights are good to great experiences. There are a few moments that make this game or film stand out among its contemporaries combined with generally solid technique or mechanics, but other features could be described as ho-hum. 


Sevens are average experiences. This doesn't mean bad, but there is nothing special about them, or if there is, it is a minimal part of the entire experience.


Sixes are the ultimate "blah" experience. The game or film has nothing redeeming about it, but it doesn't offend. Technically it works and there may be a moment or two of enjoyment, but nothing more.

The fact that the game or film works is really all it has going with it. Maybe there is a decent idea or theme behind it but the execution is poor. 

Fours fail completely in at least one major way that seriously detracts from any positive experience.

Threes fail completely in two major ways that borders on breaking the experience. 

Somehow, something shows up on the screen. That's it.

Should not have been made. Should not have been thought of, to be made...

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