2014 NBA Free Agent Analysis – Point Guards

Point guard has quickly become the most talented position in the NBA. There are so many good point guards (sometimes at the expense of the shooting guard position) that having a good player in that position is more essential now than ever. In this 2014 free agent class there are point guards of every type, one or two that can be all-stars, and a seemingly unending list of quality backups.

Kyle Lowry

Unrestricted | 28 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $6.2M | Toronto Raptors

Lowry must have an attitude problem for the trade rumors to persist as much as they have. It seems natural for him to stay in Toronto where they’ve grown as a team and have had some success, but everything you hear goes against that logic. Maybe he hates Canada?

Forecast: Raptors

Eric Bledsoe

Restricted | 24 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $2.6M | Phoenix Suns

Despite the excellent play of Goran Dragic during Bledsoe’s injury, in no way is he expendable. In part due to the Suns’ success last season there may be the mindset of playing with house money. Unless an obvious better option arises for a sign and trade the Suns can’t afford to let Bledsoe go.

Forecast: Suns

Isaiah Thomas

Restricted | 25 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $0.88M | Sacramento Kings

Having proved himself countless times to the Kings, they aren’t sold on his potential as a starter. I can see why, he’s a small defender and despite his effort, those short comings are hard to overcome. Thomas would be a perfect offensive weapon off the bench though. He’s destined to be the next Nate Robinson, bouncing around to a different team each year despite having individual success.

Forecast: Hornets

Shaun Livingston

Unrestricted | 28 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $1.3M | Brooklyn Nets

He’s not a great shooter, but Livingston does everything else very well. There was no doubt that the Nets were a better team when he was on the floor. Despite his poor shooting, the Heat need a point guard and imagine the perimeter defense the Heat would employ with Livingston on the floor next to LeBron James.

Forecast: Heat, Nets, Blazers

Grievis Vasquez

Unrestricted | 27 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $1.3M | Toronto Raptors

A big, pure point guard, Vasquez is a decent scorer as well. Crafty while using his body well, he reminds you of a bigger Andre Miller. If Lowry leaves in free agency, then Vasquez is a good replacement starter. If he stays, he’s a good backup. Other teams will show interest, but will need more money and a better opportunity. In his mind he’s a starter, there just aren’t that many starting jobs available.

Forecast: Lakers, Blazers

Ramon Sessions

Unrestricted | 28 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $5M | Milwaukee Bucks

Ramon Sessions is a nice utility point guard. He does a little bit of everything, but he’s not a game changer. His salary will probably drop a tad for his next contract and he can be a decent backup anywhere.

Forecast: Bucks, 76ers

Maurice Williams

Player Option (out) |31 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $2.7M | Portland Trail Blazers

Williams gave the Blazers some good punch off the bench, so his value to the Blazers should remain high. He’s looking for a three year deal, but he’s 31, and he didn’t have a great year. There is a reason he was signed for so cheap last season, he had no suitors and I don’t expect that to change.

Forecast: Knicks, Blazers

Kirk Hinrich

Unrestricted |33 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $4.1M | Chicago Bulls

Hinrich’s shooting has worsened as his career has advanced (although he shot better last year than the previous year), but he remains a good piece because of his defense and how he takes care of the ball. At 33, Hinrich will receive offers in the $1.5-3M range, getting looks from contending teams with backup PG needs.

Forecast: Bulls, Blazers

Rodney Stuckey

Unrestricted |28 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $8.5M | Detroit Pistons

It’s hard to tell what the Pistons will do after the changes in management, but Stuckey has been solid in his time there (mostly as a shooting guard). He’s not worth the $8.5M he made last season, but he is entering his prime and can provide an offensive spark off the bench.

Forecast: Pistons

Nate Robinson

Player Option | 30 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $2M | Denver Nuggets

Because of injury, Robinson will no doubt exercise his option to remain with the Nuggets.

Forecast: Nuggets

Jordan Farmar

Unrestricted |27 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $1.1M | Los Angeles Lakers

Farmar had a good year with the Lakers when he was healthy and already has a good relationship with Kobe Bryant. He’ll get a better contract offer from the Lakers with more years and most likely stay a Laker.

Forecast: Lakers

Devin Harris

Unrestricted |31 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $1.27M | Dallas Mavericks

Because Jose Calderon was traded and Raymond Felton was the point guard received in return, I imagine Harris will collect a raise and become the starting point guard.

Forecast: Mavericks

Patty Mills

Unrestricted |25 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $1.13M | San Antonio Spurs

Mills knows that he owes much of his success to the Spurs offensive system, and excluding a lowball offer by the Spurs (which they don’t do) or an insane offer from another team, Mills is set to return to San Antonio.

Forecast: Spurs

Darren Collison

Player Option (out) |26 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $1.9M | Los Angeles Clippers

Collison is out of luck finding a starting job because there just aren’t many opportunities. He’s a good player, but he’s never looked wholly comfortable running a team. He’s a perfect fill-in or off-the-bench guy though, so he provides value.  If Jeremy Lin is traded, a good backup spot in Houston could open up, but nothing more than a mid-level will get offered.

Forecast: Rockets

DJ Augustin

Unrestricted |26 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $0.6M | Chicago Bulls

The DJ Augustin from the Bulls is the Augustin everyone has been waiting for. He stands to make one of the biggest increases in salary after playing on a minimum last season. With Augustin’s play, he’s made Kirk Hinrich expendable, again assuming that Derrick Rose is healthy.

Forecast: Bulls

2014 NBA Free Agent Point Guard Analysis Chart

Other point guards that could make an impact

Aaron Brooks

Unrestricted | 29 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $1.03M | Denver Nuggets

Forecast: Clippers

Luke Ridnour

Unrestricted | 33 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $4.3M | Charlotte Bobcats

Forecast: Bulls

Steve Blake

Unrestricted | 34 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $4.0M | Golden State Warriors

Forecast: Lakers

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