2014 NBA Free Agent Analysis – Shooting Guards

There are not many game changers in the 2014 crop of free agent shooting guards. There are a couple of good role players, but most intriguing are the specialists that can provide three-point shooting or defense. A couple of chance prospects also litter the list.

Dwyane Wade

Unrestricted | 33 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $14.5M | Miami Heat

He’ll finish his career in Miami, regardless of what happens around him.

Forecast: Heat

Lance Stephenson

Unrestricted | 23 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $0.98M | Indiana Pacers

In the first half of the season, Stephenson was a surefire Pacers re-signing, but after their drop in success, combined with his antics at the end of the season, it’s much less so. I think Lance is successful because of the organization’s trust in him, but several players on the Pacers don’t have that same trust. I’d expect the player that was most affected by Lance, George Hill, to be put on the trade block, to ensure Lance the freedom he needs to succeed.

Forecast: Pacers

Evan Turner

Restricted | 25 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $6.8M | Indiana Pacers

Despite being restricted, the Pacers are likely to match. The trade for Turner galvanized the Pacers’ decline, whether that is fair or not, there was a noticeable drop. Plus, Turner will want to be a starter, and has shown a good ability as a ball-handling point forward similar to a Nicholas Batum or Andre Iguodala. He’s most likely to find himself on a lottery team such as the Lakers, but I could also see him as the plan b to teams unable to acquire Carmelo Anthony.

Forecast: Mavericks

Nick Young

Player Option | 29 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $1.1M | Los Angeles Lakers

Sure, he can make some boneheaded mistakes, but Nick Young can score. He’ll certainly command a higher salary than his current one, so expect that he’ll opt out. He would fit well with the Lakers as a backup to Kobe Bryant, but I am not sure Bryant could prevent himself from strangling him when they are on the floor together. Young will go to whichever team gives him the best contract.

Forecast: Hawks

Avery Bradley

Restricted | 23 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $2.5M | Boston Celtics

Bradley is an excellent defender, and has become a decent scorer. His size limits his effectiveness against bigger guards, but he’s carved out a nice niche. With the Celtics trying to make a big splash with trades, the draft and free agents this summer, Bradley may be the odd man out. A team needed some defense in its backcourt is the most likely candidate.

Forecast: Warriors

Vince Carter

Unrestricted | 37 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $3.2M | Dallas Mavericks

Carter had a bit of a resurgence in the postseason, and he’s still shown to be quite spry considering his advanced age. The Mavericks will send out an offer along the lines of what he is currently making. Only would a $5-6M a year offer from somewhere else persuade him otherwise.

Forecast: Mavericks

Jodie Meeks

Unrestricted | 26 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $1.6M | Los Angeles Lakers

A knockdown shooter like Meeks is always an asset. A contender with a need for outside shooting? The Heat, who’ll probably lose Ray Allen to retirement and could basically insert Meeks as his replacement, and most likely at a lower price.

Forecast: Heat

Thabo Sefolosha

Unrestricted | 30 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $2.9M | Oklahoma City Thunder

Sefolosha is great defender who’s offensive liability has become too much to overcome for the Thunder. Sefolosha will probably never be a starter again, but he’s still a useful wingman for a team needing defense. At this point he’s insurance and he’ll try and get one more, good contract before the end.

Forecast: Bucks

Anthony Morrow

Player Option | 28 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $1M | New Orleans Pelicans

See Jodie Meeks.

Forecast: Pacers

Kent Bazemore

Unrestricted | 24 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $0.76M | Los Angeles Lakers

Bazemore is a cheap prospect that got good minutes for the Lakers and showed a nice shooting touch and good athleticism.  A rebuilding team with a thin backcourt would be wise to take a shot.

Forecast: Grizzlies

MarShon Brooks

Unrestricted | 25 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $1.21M | Los Angeles Lakers

I must’ve missed the reason why MarShon Brooks hasn’t gotten more minutes since a very good, under the radar rookie year in which he averaged 12 points a game. He got stuck behind some good guards like Joe Johnson, but his size and strength have always been appealing.

Forecast: 76ers

2014 NBA Free Agent Shooting Guards


Other shooting guards that could make an impact:

Jordan Crawford

Restricted | 25 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $2.2M | Golden State Warriors

Forecast: Rockets

Alan Anderson

Unrestricted | 31 years old | 2013-14 Salary: $0.95M | Brooklyn Nets

Forecast: Nets

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